Early Energy Saving Evident On Our Doorstep

There is a heritage property near me that sits in nearly 4000 acres of landscalping and working farmland.  The house has always been good at earning enough for the owners to allow them to be comfortable and to retain up to live in servants.  The second generation of the owner who had the hall built decided to dig out a lake, primarily for beauty and then fishing reasons.  He was one for innovations though and soon found a way of generating very basic heating system from the lake – the house does this in much more modern ways now with coils underneath extracting heat from the water.  Most gents who visit find this sort of info much more interesting than other domestic history.  There are also remnants of more efficient coal balls that were made with 60 percent clay and 40 percent coal, used for the ovens and domestic fires.  Early energy saving to be loudly applauded!