Energy Saving Becomes Second Nature

I have recently been on a little travel experience to a very hot island in the Med.  Although the major towns are extremely built up, latterly with holiday apartments and hotel blocks, there still are hundreds of simple houses up in the hills off the main drag.  Being up in the hills and away from the hustle and bustle, and humidity, of the big town, means the air remains hot but less sultry, for most of the day.  Lastely though they too have suffered massive storms and high winds.  These are things they’re not at all used to.  The home and domestic wind turbines have always been used for very limited power extraction until 1963 many of the villages didnt have electricity or running water.  My friend who lives over there has her own solar panels and she does her utmost to save using the electricity supply – it is expensive.  So energy saving is second nature there!