From Fog & Misty Windows To Saving Home Energy

Oh how I remember as a nipper, the damp foggy evenings, trudging along the route of my paper round.  I always associate this time of year with damp clingy weather that seemed to permeate every bone.  There would have been far more coal fires in houses then – we didn’t have central heating until I was reaching my teens.  I do remember the house being freezing cold once we went out of the kitchen – that was the only one we heated and with Mum cooking, the steam and condensation made it feel a tiny bit warmer!  Not a thought was given to saving the planet then – just saving Mum’s fuel money every time we lit a fire or put the electric 3 bar fire on.  Today we can generate our own power – sell some back to the national grid.  We can do our own little bit to lighten the load .  Hurrah!