Fuel Saving Innovations Way Back In 1800s

I was looking out at the fantastic view from the small ballroom of a stately home the other week.   The view had been there forever, since time began.  The ballroom a bit less, from the late 1800s.  I could see from my vantage point, the very pretty lake that stretched across my view.  It’s been used for heating the house for many years and there is now a modern heat transfer system that uses 60 coils of cable under the lake that absorbs and exchanges the energy into heat.   In the old days, a previous owner of the house had become knowledgeable in all matters of saving energy – not necessarily from saving the planet point of view, but more along the lines of saving their bank balance.  However, the innovations he introduced have been improved upon throughout the last 140 years.  Modern slow burning and smokeless fuel used to come from the family colliery.  Modern indeed!