Grandma’s Range Fired In Favour Of A Stove

We rather take for granted all the power we have at our fingertips.  I remember very well many a winter’s day or night when our power would flicker and go off.  We would be ready, the emergency candle and matches box was always kept in the same easy to locate space under the stairs.  That position chosen because there was a huge fanlight over the front door and daylight/moonlight used to shine down to around that spot.  We used to have an electric stove then because the old range cooker used to take too much effort to get going – it was solid fuel and we needed a constant supply of wood and other combustables.   Once my grandma became too frail to constantly keep the range fed, swept, filled, etc. my mother refused to take on the burden, so the shiny new electric stove was installed nearby.  Didn’t have the character but cooked much quicker!