How to Go About Switching Your Energy Supplier

This isn’t as scary or difficult as it sounds!  Over the past few years, the government introduced the Energy Switch Guarantee, which is an industry-led initiative to make it easier to switch companies for your energy supplies.  Here are the main steps to switching easily!

  1. Phone your current company to find out if there are any different deals you could have
  2. Use a comparison website to find the best deals for your needs
  3. Use a switch event in your local shopping centre when they are available
  4. When you want to switch, you’ll just need the sname of your current company, how you pay (eg direct debit, on reciept of bill etc) and how much energy you use.  All this information will be on your latest bill.
  5. When you’ve decided to switch, the new company will ask for a meter reading so they can bill you correctly.  The new company will do all the work and will communicate with your old company to make sure any outstanding monies are paid.  They’ll let you know when your new contract starts.
  6. It can take around 3 weeks to fully switch, but there won’t be any interruption to your supply – you can carry on as usual while the switch takes place
  7. Nobody even needs to visit your home to switch suppliers!

It is so easy and worth checking each year that you aren’t paying too much for your energy!