Investigating DIY Solar & Wind Energy Installations

There are any sites on the internet dedicated to home solar and / or wind power.  Now as we all know, great care must be taken with all forms of power and that’s truer than ever for anything installed in a domestic situation.  there are some really good guides on the internet, but without visiting a property where a system has been installed and being able to talk to that installer, there could be all kinds of questions to be looked into as the project goes on.

if a system is to be considered safe and worthy of consideration, the designer and installer, if not the same person, must be available to describe the systm in full, how it works and how to get the best out of it when operating.  Also, what would they have done better or differently on their existing system.   What are the optimum operating parameters.  This information should be readily and happily provided to you before you comit.