Medieval Delight Using Very Modern Energy Ideas

I was out walking with some chums recently – to what sounds idyllic, an abbey in the next town.  Of course, this abbey sceased to be used as a religious house in the culling by Henry VIII.  Since then it has been derelict, rebuilt, derelict and rebuilt again.  It is now owned and managed by the county council and they had a grand opening of the newly refurished site.  It was really impressive to walk around the luscious honey coloured stone building – with our printed guide in hand, we duly noted the medievil windows and chimney stacks;  we saw corbels and cupolas.  But mostly we noted but did not see the very discretely installed energy saving devices.  The specially designed solar panels up on the roof and all the chandeliers with specially cheap to run candle LEDs.  Old beauty reflecting very modern needs.