Moving From New Insulated To Heritage Stone

We are so busy with our variouos occupations and family activities that some times it is really difficult to concentrate on the really serious things around us when it comes to looking after our bit of the planet.  I was chatting to a young man who had recently moved from a small, neat and very economical starter home out to a pile in the country.  He will have quite a shock in store when his bills start rolling in – it is very old, very thick stone, but not very warm – none of the insulation techniques that he enjoyed in his little house.  The windows are double glazed, that is one blessing.  The water and central heating is dealt with by way of oil fired boiler with a separate pressurised tank which somehow manages to provide fantastically hot water to the taps, showers, and critically – the radiators!  Just the electricitiy to try and save the use of.