Thinking Of Electricity As A Luxury Not A Right

It’s incredible when you think about how many things we use in a day that call for electricity.  In this country we don’t have to think about it at all.  We simply flick and switch and it’s there.  From the moment we wake up, perhaps to a mains powered clock radio;  then pop into the shower, probably has an independent pump in the loft and then drying and styling the hair.  All these before we’ve even been up half an hour.  As we move about downstairs, there’s the radio or tv for the news . . .  the kettle goes on and perhaps the microwave oven for the porridge or the toaster.  Breakfast ensues, followed by hasty dishwasher emptying before refilling . . .Has the family dropped off their dirty laundry for the housekeeper/laundry maid/cook/bottle washer aka Mum to collect us and deal with – electric washing machine followed by drier.   How we ever got on with life without these ‘essentials’ is beyond the comprehension of most people today.  Conserving this luxury is becoming an important feature so we can keep it for as long as it’s available!