Adopting New Habits Using Home Solar Panels

There are various options out there for families to try and cut down their reliance on mainstream energy supplies.  It must be everyone’s dream to be able to live off the grid and produce our own energy, eggs from chickens, veges from the garden or allotment etc.  This is not always easy in practice.  However, getting advice on the right kind of domestic solar energy is the first step to achieving these ideals.  Photovoltaics, known as PV solar panels capture the suns rays and convert this energy into useable power from dc to ac.  In most cases it’s not possible to store surplus energy at the home so it has to be either used as generated, or some exported to the national grid.   It is therefore advisable to ensure you use big power drawing items in the day whilst making electricity; use only one item at a time;  charge phones and tablets in the daytime.