Where There’s Wind There’s A Way To Get Power

There’s a very small bungalow fairly near me.  Before an extension was added, it could never have cost a great deal to run on the main grid – there were only two small bedrooms, a kitchen/diner, sitting room and bathroom.   However way back forty or so years ago, the owner was absolutely set on generating his own energy supplies.  He was an engineer and had connections with a power company.  He designed and built his own wind turbine ‘windmill’ and happily lived off the grid, or as much as he could, for years.  When he had to move away, the local ‘windmill’ was taken down and lay forlorn on the ground for years.   This seemed such a pity that a pioneering scheme that must have been successful for the householder, was redundant and unloved!  Today it is critical for the country to find alternative energy sources.  Where there’s wind, there’s a way it seems as domestic diy wind power is actually available and within our reach.