Polly’s Kettle Back Home On The Range

I was visiting a chum in the next village the other day – usual question, did I fancy coffee.  Yes, thinks I.  This time though it wasn’t the fancy all singing, all dancing coffee roasting, grinding, sweet aroma’d machine that went on.  No, it was an old fashioned kettle on the range.  Apparently they’d recently been put on a smart meter and were advised of course that as they have the range on all day heating the house, and probably the water, it made sense to have a kettle almost permanently on stand by.    It was lovely to see this shiny chrome thing happily coming to the boil.  Almost back to tudor times with everything hanging near the fire to be useful!  How amusing that in these days of hi tec everything, we ‘ve got to the point where common sense dictates that although the coffee might taste exciting in a big machine, for cheapness and cutting down power use, a cup of instant with a range kettle wins hands down!