Careful Use Of Driers & Dishwashers Considered

I was having a conversation with some pals of mine at an afternoon tea.  The sort of thing I find myself doing rather too regularly.   When I worked in offices and with colleagues , we discussed a wide range of topics.  We were always happy just discussing current affairs and the problems of home life . . . .   With my newer group of pals, they seem to focus on moaning rather a lot – about the cost of everything and the wearability of nothing.  I was listening to a couple of ladies arguing whether it is best to hang washing outside in all weathers or if it dries quicker inside, hanging up on a clothes horse.   At least they agreed that tumble drying was no longer acceptable unless in a dire emergency.  The wasted fuel consumption cannot be excused.  I was waiting for the banning of dishwasher use but that still comes under the heading of ‘absolute necessity’!  The amount of water wasted to get it hot enough for hand washing is appalling, so dishawashers win on that basis.  Apparently.