Cutting Energy Use At Home Difficult In Winter

Now that winter has arrived, almost missing out autumn altogether, we turn our minds to the busy period of christmas and new year.   For some companies, this heralds the year end accounting period and so from now until 31st December, it will be a tremendous rush to clear all invoics, get payments in and ensure our own payments are absolutely up to date.  We use a more energy during these winter months – personal energy, rushing around getting everything finish for the holiday period and also in the home and office.  It’s much colder, damper and generally more miserable.  We use heaters, washing machines and clothes dryers so much more.  With so many families enjoyin the modern machines – tumble dryers not only dry the products, they stop the dampness that clings to a room whilst clothes are drying on an airer.  We need to use less and looking into DIY energy savings is a valuable way forward.