From Overhead To Underground Power Less Pylons

We have very stable power supplies here in this country and we don’t really have to worry about power cuts.  I remember when young, throughout the winter we would be prone to power cuts on a regular basis.   So much so that we had jam jars with candles together with matches placed strategically around the house, ready.  I’m assuming these power cuts were in part caused by disruption to supplies from the grid to the  huge pylons via overhead cables.  It was one of the less attractive features of looking out over a broad landscape of open countryside.  The lines of pylons.  I used to find them utterly terrifying and could never go near them.  Then in the early 1980s, my job moved to a unit above a midlands town and slap bang in front of the office was a huge pylon.  Whenever it rained, we had hissing noises outside.  the early generation computers did not work well on wet days and I was greatly relieved when we moved units some five years later.  But those pylons have gradually been dismantled and we have so much more stability with underground electricity supplies.  Whoever is supplying our homes and businesses, we are blessed with reliable and secure power source that is well run.  Unlike so many other areas of the world.