Conserving Energy To Make It Last Much longer

There has been much in the news and media about the cost of utilities going up and up.  This is probably understandable in terms of our weather this winter having been the worst on record in places.  When the really cold weather stikes, we all put the heating on a little bit earlier each afternoon.  The result is a massive overuuse of our national grid for the electricity needed.  The gas is brought in via pipelines from across the continents.  This has always worried me – as soona s it was obivous we had wasted and thrown away that precious resourse – North sea gas, we were in trouble!  We hae to conserve fuel now.  Each faily has the option of putting some sort of diy energy saving device on their property.  We ust be encouraged to do whatever is needed to minimise our electrical footprint on this planet – to keep what we have for those who come after us.