Getting Twitchy About Wasting Energy Resources

Sometimes our wastage of earth’s precious resources does take the breath away.  I live soI know I could do more.lo most of the time.  Family come and use the house as they need but I spend more time alone than not.   Keeping on top of recycling, making sure I turn off as many electrical items as I can and driving much more carefully.  After having had some advanced driving lessons a few years ago, I am constantly looking at my speed and how my car affects those around me.  The same can be said for my use of electricity.  Generally, I turn off every lamp that isn’t needed including the downlights in the family kitchen and sitting rooms.     But staying recently with my American grandchildren,  they don’t recycle at all in their part of Texas.  They did have a local collection system but it didn’t seem to show that stuff was being handled any differnt to the normal landfill so they stopped.