Seeking New Energy Sources & Fresh Ideas

Every so often we hear on the news that the government is investing in this scheme or that.  Billions of £s is used up in the quest for saer, cheaper, longer lasting energy sources.  In France they have relied on hydro power for many years and their nuclear power plants serve many thousands of families.   These have been effective at delivering electrical power over many decades and we are now seriously trying similar but not anywhere near fast enough.  Our reliance on fossil fuels has caused immense damage to landscapes and the CO2 emissions.   Every company now wants to be able to boast that they are carbn neutral – whatever that means.  It seems unlikely that a huge company operating every day with verhicles and people hammering around constantly can possibly be carbon neutral – but that is the aim.  I’m sure there must be pamphlets and articles explaining this wheeze and we have to believe them!