More Uses for Electricity Than Ever Imagined

When I was growing up we looked on electricity as a rather precious commodity.  My parents were very particular about not wasting it – making it sound as though we only had a small pot to last us out.  How funny that we are in exactly that siutation now, so many years later!  In fact we use electricity for more things than we would ever have imagined back in the sixties.  Cars for example. . . .  the only time we’d have seen an electric car would have been in a sci fi programme, or at the funfair – the dodgems were run that way.  Of course the quiet and always reliable milk float.  Great loads of milk tugged around the town behind the familiar cab.  Strangely there are few of those about these days just when we need them most – my milkman now delivers in a diesel van!   My son & daughter have electric vans for their business and they always plug in to recharge when they visit me.  It hasn’t made any difference to my electricity bill in the few months they’ve done this.