Power From Innovators Generationally Speaking

When we think back to our history lessons at school, which jumped around the generations and periods and after the Romans, who from what we know from extensive physical and written evidence plus modern research methods, were far advanced in their thinking and ability to make progress.   Ok, they did not get so far as to make electricity to run their towns and cities but they did find ways to make life comfortable for some of the hierarchy.  Hot water ran into baths . . .  thermal baths utilised natures own way of controlling matters.  Who knows what greatness we would have been living under if the Romans had not suddenly become almost extinct in a short time.  From Britain’s point of view their sudden and unexpected withdrawal from our shores in the 400ADs was catastrophic.  We went from civilised townships with WCs, heated baths. . . .  so many great advances, to utter shambles and we went back to nothingness.  Until the great brains of the industrial revolutionaries in the 1700sand 1800s.  People willing to risk reputations and vast sums of money, to realise their dream of bringing power, heat, light and warmth to homes. Power for industry to provide jobs and national prestige.